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Saturday, October 23, 2010

Ufo conspiracy!!! .....or not....but maybe

True conversation with the hubby a few nights ago via text

Me: Me and the kids just saw a ufo!
Hubby: Hush plz don't tell anyone.
Me: Lmao!Seriously we saw 3 stars moving around all crazy!
Hubby: Ok. Ur not to tell any one. This is where it ends.
Me: Ummm. ok

Now at this point I'm convinced that I saw a ufo and the hubby is in on some huge government conspiracy that the Sheriff's Deputies are privy to. Cause you know they see weird shit all the time. So I'm glued to the front window watching the sky and prepared to defend me, the kids and the dog with lethal force just in case there were any probe happy aliens out there waiting to violate us all.

As it turns out the Hubby was not part of a conspiracy. (or so he says)That he just didn't want me advertising to the world that I'm a complete lunatic. And then of course google informed me that I was looking at the International Space Station, not an alien mothership. I am still skeptical.

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