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Sunday, May 22, 2011

Crazy is the new craze.

Soooooo I spent 10 days in a psychiatric hospital. Crazy people, check. Drooling people, check. Zombie people, check. Crack heads, check check and check.

I was there for therapy and healing but mostly I just got into arguments. I yelled at a nurse because she was being a lying insensitive bitch. I got into an all out war with most of the people in group therapy because I support gay and lesbian rights and also I don't believe in the bible. One of the most crazy people there said lesbian sex was unnatural and unfulfilling. To which I replied "well the lesbians seem to like it quite a lot.

I got into another fight with a nutter because he used a racial slur. He called me bad words so I called him a backwoods, inbred, hillbilly sister fucker. Needless to say that did not go over well.

Also did you know that you aren't allowed to have hair conditioner on a psych ward? This dumbfounds me. What on earth could I possibly do with conditioner to hurt myself? Your not allowed chapstick either. Seriously what the hell!