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Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Haters gonna hate......and I reserve the right to stab them in the eye

I will admit. Nearly all my adult life I was a skinny bitch. I was super model thin with a 21 inch waist. I was pretty hot. Well now at 32 I've been diagnosed as bipolar and take handfuls of medication every day to keep me from climbing the curtains. As a result of said medications, I have gained a lot of weight. Like 35 lbs a lot. Add to this the fact that I've been suffering through some pretty horrific menstrual issues, which have lead to me getting a hysterectomy next month, and what you have is a much heavier me.

This has led to some unpleasantness for me. A friend recently expressed concern that since I'm taking pain medication and have become a fat ass that there must be something wrong with me (read drug addict). Then just yesterday, I went to the Dr with the Hubby and the effing nurse asked me if I was pregnant!!! Jesus fucking christ on a pogo stick! Sometimes skinny bitches get fat okay?!!! Sometimes underlying medical issues will make a skinny bitch fat and sometimes said medical issues can cause the, now fat bitch, pain. So like I said, haters gonna hate and I reserve the right to do bodily damage upon them. I leave you with the struttin' red panda. Cause he don't care bout no haters.

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