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Monday, January 9, 2012


Sooooooo...I have dealt with insomnia for many many years. It's extremely frustrating because my body will be dead tired but my brain highjacks everything and takes us all kicking and screaming on a fucked up trip through la la land when all I want to do is sleep. Here is what usually happens.

Oh this bed is comfy. I am so tired. close eyes and drift off. But wait the brain says "dude...." the rest of my body cringes and tries to ignore the brain. But we can't for long because somebody put that asshole in charge of ALL THE THINGS!
Brain: We need some new socks.
body: .........
brain: but not ankle socks. We need some long socks that are warm and comfy.
body: ok we'll get some socks tomorrow.
Brain: Wait scratch that we need knee high socks. Those are so cute.
Body: yeah, ok we'll do that 1st thing tomorrow. We'll go to walmart.
Brain: What? No. walmart doesn't have hello kitty knee highs.
Body: ugh! fine we'll go to Hot topic or something. Tomorrow.
Brain: but I want to wear the socks tomorrow. And I won't be able to because by the time we go to hot topic come home and wash the socks it will be to late.
Body: Srsly. They are socks we don't need to wash them first.
Brain: Are you fucking kidding me right now?! Of course we have to wash them first. What if someone already tried them on. We could get that flesh eating bacteria.
Body: ............
Brain: We should go get the socks right now. Clearly it's the logical thing to do.
Body: It's 2 am. Hot topic is closed.
Brain: Aarrrggh!

Then the rest of the night is spent talking my self down from a quasi anxiety attack over knee high socks and flesh eating bacteria.

Tuesday, January 3, 2012


Learn to love the pain you feel, your hopes and dreams they are not real, follow me to the ends of the earth, leave behind all of your self worth,
one more step and one more day, to one less god you'll kneel to pray, you will bow and we will bend but when we break it may not end.
eventually time runs out and we shall too I have no doubt.